McNeese Mathematical Sciences Alumni Survey

  1. Contact Information
  2. Select the degree that you completed:
    Select your concentration:

    Select your concentration:

  3. Have you pursued any additional degrees or certifications since completing the Mathematical Sciences Degree Program at McNeese?

  4. Which of the following describes your current employment status?

  5. If applicable, please provide:
    a) the name of the business/industry/school where you are employed:
    b) your supervisor's name:
  6. Rate the training you received from McNeese in each of the following areas:
    1. Critical thinking skills
    2. Mathematical problem solving
    3. Awareness of issues related to diversity and the global environment
    4. Effective oral communications
    5. Effective written communications
    6. Ability to solve technical problems that arise in the workplace
    7. Job specific skills (e.g. designing and implementing programs for those in Computer Science concentration, or teaching skills for those in Mathematics Education concentration)